Another major change has been taking place in photography for the past few years. Simply put, it has integrated with computer technology to such an extent that one cannot truly be a photographer without having solid background in computer technology. We anticipated and embraced the fact that this was happening. We each have two decades of technology background including database, programming, networking and a wide variety of software use. Integrating these skills and experience in technology with our love and passion for taking great photographs allows us to provide photographic services virtually unmatched in our region.

Our photo equipment is constantly improving with state of the art digital SLR cameras. Several of the best lenses Canon builds are utilized within our current arsenal. We have a variety of options to employ depending on the shooting situation and have years of experience shooting both film and digitally.

Another important point to us and to someone looking to hire an effective photographer is redundancy. People often talk of redundancy and backup and their importance in the technology arena. Very often, however, these are ignored by those providing professional photographic services. These concepts are expensive to implement and require planning and attention to detail. Camera bodies, lenses, battery systems, lighting, file storage, software, hardware, and virtually every part of the photographic process must contain redundancy for effectiveness. We have planned and implemented these into our services and expect to offer nothing less.

We are always looking for products and services to offer in this highly price sensitive and competitive market. If you have seen or heard of photographic products or services you might like more information about, just ask us. We have a variety of options. In addition, we use the premier professional wedding and portrait service bureau (lab) in the country. They are simply unmatched, and we would settle for nothing less from a partner helping us to provide our final image products.

We enjoy taking pictures and constantly understanding how to do so more effectively. Doing this as a profession and having others enjoy these photographs is our passion.

Craig Fox